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About Us

      We are a team of virologists, clinicians and pathologists who share a common goal of understanding the pathophysiology of chronic hepatitis B. We believe that a cure for persistent hepatitis B virus infection would not be possible unless we undertake a thorough clinic-oriented approach toward this disease at  multi-dimesional levels (molecular, biochemical,cellular, histological and whole organism).  
       Based on these rationales, we have established novel in situ hybridization assays for spatially resolved HBV nucleic acids detection in both clinical samples and cell-based models. We have also developed novel mouse models which faithfully recapitulate the basic features of chronic and acute Hepatitis B Virus infection. We believe that these new methodologies would be instrumental for pre-clinical evaluation of novel therapeutics for a cure.

       In addition to published materials, we would like to share additional images together with key clinical data to the colleagues around the world. It is our hope that such an image resource would be of help not only in HBV research but also in the clincial management of the disease. 
        For suggestions and comments, please contact: zhangxiaonan(at)shphc.org.cn